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Baby Showers in Morris County, New Jersey

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Baby showers are a time to celebrate mommy-to-be and the beautiful life that’s about to enter the world. It brings together a community of family and friends who are there to shower mom and baby with gifts and love. When choosing the right baby shower venue in Morris County, NJ, party planners want somewhere comfortable, spacious, and intimate.

L’allegria offers the ideal party space for baby showers and other events. With award-winning dining and a highly trained staff, customers receive quality services and authentic Italian dining. Learn more about our baby shower venue and menu offerings.

Baby Showers at L’allegria

Customers can reserve our event space any time, including lunch and dinner, for their baby shower. We have an in-house planning staff there to assist with the party planning process. They can help you find a space that fits your vision, as well as a party menu that suits you and your guest’s needs. They can also assist with pricing and work with customers to adhere to budgets.

Baby showers can be held in our banquet hall, which offers plenty of space for parties of many sizes. Customers enjoy the banquet space’s stunning décor and Mediterranean feel, offering a unique touch to any party. We also provide a party menu, which allows customers to choose their dishes for a set price. Party hosts can select from a variety of dish options, including:

  • Main course dishes: Chilean sea bass, filet mignon, pasta, and more
  • Appetizers: Antipasto, shrimp cocktail, eggplant rollatini, and others
  • Salads: Caesar, house salad, mesclun, and other options
  • Pasta and soups: Pasta e fagioli, risotto, pappardelle Bolognese, and more
  • Desserts: Tiramisu, fruit tarts, Italian pastries, and others
  • American coffee and tea

The party menu is customizable, as party planners can create personalized menus that accommodate all guests. Party menu pricing ranges from $45.00 to $65.00 per person, depending on the menu items. Customers can purchase additional packages to enhance their party experience.

Why Choose L’allegria as Your Baby Shower Venue?

Alongside our authentic cuisine and award-winning wine cellar, there are many reasons customers across Morris County, NJ, choose L’allegria as their ideal venue for baby showers and more. Our large banquet hall provides ample space for guests but is small enough to give an intimate feel. Besides baby showers, the banquet hall is great for a variety of special events, including:

During planning, we can re-arrange seating to accommodate unique table settings. In addition, we can customize the space to match any party or baby shower theme. Our staff works with party hosts and planners to ensure events meet their vision and expectations.

Customers also enjoy the abundant number of options with their party menu. Alongside customizable food choices, party hosts can add additional services. For example, they can choose our cocktail hour butler service, which provides European-style service throughout their event.

About L’allegria

L’allegria dedicates itself to delivering an authentic Italian dining experience. Started by two brothers, Saverio and Giovanni Allocca, L’allegria first opened in 1984. Now, the restaurant is a staple in the Morris County community, providing a space for neighbors to gather, enjoy fine Italian cuisine, and laugh. L’allegria is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

With a New York City-trained kitchen staff and an authentic ambiance, L’allegria has won awards like the Distinguished Restaurants of North America (DiRoNA) award and OpenTable Diner’s Choice Award. This is due to the fresh, genuine ingredients used in all dishes and the direct influence the finest traditions of Italian dining have on the menu. Taking inspiration from the land and history of Italy, L’allegria delivers an ambiance that makes customers feel like they are right in Italy.

Try Fine Italian Cuisine at L’allegria

Customers can find authentic Italian cuisine and experience at L’allegria. We are available seven days a week for baby showers and other events. Located in Madison, NJ, we serve all of Morris County with unmatched services and food that reflects the history and land of Italy. To learn more about our baby shower venue, contact us today.

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